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Meet Emem

Certified Physician Assistant, Health Coach & Wellness Expert

Emempowered has an important goal to promote radical self-love and self-awareness. We aim to empower minds & engage movement by enhancing the well-being in the physical, mental, occupational & social wellness dimensions of life.


Founded by Emem Brown in 2017, the goal of creating a space where the importance of understanding wellness and wholeness when addressing health was an important objective. We understand globally the importance of physical health hence the popularity of all that encompasses physical health.  However, in the same light, physical health and its popularity has often pulled a curtain on the other dimensions to include the mental, occupational and social wellness branches giving them perhaps less significance and in turn affecting our ability to gain a sense of balance.


Emempowered provides examples of how to nurture each branch of wellness and guides willing participants down a road that provides at times uncomfortable ideas and perspectives with the notion that from the discomfort ultimately derives growth.

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