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Certified Physician Assistant, Health Coach & Wellness Expert

I am extremely passionate and dedicated to the growth we can experience together to fulfill your needs that seem unattainable.  I am excited to be part of your journey and I’m present by all definitions of the word in your path to your success.  I possess a substantial amount of clinically sound medical experience as I have practiced in a family medicine health care setting for over a decade providing optimal and comprehensive medical care to my clientele.  I hold two Master’s Degrees, one in physician assistant studies and the other in public health.  I am well-versed not only in the medical field, but very cognizant of the necessary steps needed to attain balance in overall wellness. My vision is to inspire, energize and enable every being in achieving wellness through conscious and realistic goal setting. Are you ready for change with a helping nonjudgmental hand? I will be your shadow in this trek.

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